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Sliding Stay 6"

Sliding Stay 6"
Item #: 203SS3A
Antiqued Brass

Made in England

Price: $30.06
Sold individually.

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Plate: 1 3/8" x 7/16", Folded Length: 6"


This brass sliding stay from England is the simplest stay we offer. The bar is fitted with a pivoting foot at one end and a rivet at the other. Between these obstructions slides another foot consisting of a collar pivoting on a mounting plate. Ours are machined from solid brass and beautifully finished. The most common application for these stays is to prevent a lid or flap from falling backwards. On casual study the sliding stay will seem the obvious choice for many applications where a hinged panel need restraint. Think twice before committing yourself to this type of stay as the amount of internal clearance needed is significantly greater than for a similar sized folding stay. Mounting instructions can be found in our instructional pages.