The Finest Brass and Iron Hardware Available for Furniture and Home.


To simplify the selection of a group of products that will be compatible both in finish and style we have developed a system of codes. The fittings we carry come from a wide variety of manufacturers, both European and domestic. The manufacturing methods range from hand forging with hammer and anvil by individual craftsmen to computer controlled turning on automated lathes.

Next to each item is a Code number that indicates a particular manufacturer or in some cases two or three manufacturers with similar methods and finishes. Though you can use these codes as a rough guide when selecting groups of matching fittings your eye should be the final judge. It is possible that styles within a manufacturers range may not match, just as well as matched group of items from a variety of codes can be assembled.


Reproduction Hardware (Code 1): All English made and solid brass. The antique finish on our Code 1 hardware is the result of controlled oxidation. This darkened surface is highlighted to replicate the effect of use. No lacquer or other finish is applied to seal this surface so time will add to the patina. If a hand polished finish is preferred, this patina can be knocked back or removed with any brass polish. Many Code 1 items also come in Polished Brass (P), and plated finishes: Satin Nickel (SN), Polished Chrome (PC)

Code 2: Refers to a sanded finish. Throughout most of the 18th and 19th centuries the common butt hinge was expected to do its job without drawing attention to itself. Functional elements such as hinges and locks were not meant to be in competition with designed elements for the viewer’s attention. These days, perhaps because we are starved of contact with quality materials, we like to display them to best effect. If you are reproducing period cabinetwork your choice should be the standard finish hinges. These can be finished along with the surrounding woodwork and will blend unobtrusively.

Code 3:English made highest quality locks, in some cases a traditional brushed extruded finish and other cases highly polished.

Restoration Hardware(Code 4): No other reproduction hardware can compare to our Code 4 fittings. Each is a clone of an original, reproduced by the time consuming and demanding lost wax process. The result is a completely convincing piece in all respects. No attempt is made to “improve” upon the original either visually or functionally. Each item is finished with a marvelous ammonia patina that can be removed with common brass polish for a “cared for” effect. If you want to elevate your work to the highest possible standards of authenticity this range should be your choice. Truly “Restoration” grade.

Code 5: Made of solid cast brass and hand finished in Spain.

Code 6: A blacksmith shapes iron by first softening it in a very hot fire-usually produced with coal. A skilled blacksmith can judge just how hot and malleable a piece of metal is by its color-white, yellow, orange, red or purple. The softened iron is shaped or turned into wrought iron by pounding it against a heavy steel anvil. A variety of tongs and hammers are used for different jobs.
(See "Tips on the Upkeep of Ironmongery" to help prevent rust when exposed to the elements.)

Code 7: These iron hardware pieces are sand cast and then hand finished with a final application of beeswax for protection. They look centuries old when new and will only become more beautiful with time and use. All of the Rustix range is available using the traditional method of applying bees-wax to the fittings which give a stunning effect of a rich dark brown/black colour tinged here and there with the deep red/ochre from the forging process. A regular application of bees-wax should be applied to any fittings, which are used externally, or where they may become exposed to the weather such an open window where stays and fasteners might experience occasional damp conditions. A soft shoe brush is ideal for polishing the fittings.
(See "Tips on the Upkeep of Ironmongery" to help prevent rust when exposed to the elements.)

Code 8: Well formed and beautifully polished stainless steel and brass bring a contemporary functional elegance to this range of Japanese hardware.

Code 9,10: Our wooden knobs & pulls are available in a wide array of useful styles and sizes. Nearly all of our wood knobs and pulls are made in North America from a variety of hardwoods and pine.

Code 11: American Made in Polished Brass to the highest specifications.

Code 13: Patinated Iron. These iron knobs and pulls have been chemically aged and rusted, then tumbled, waxed and rubbed to achieve an authentic antique patina. They are not sealed or plated, so they will continue to age with use.

Code 14: These precision made items are solid brass and finished in a fine satin with no protective coating.

Code 16: These items all high quality American made. Many Code 16 items come in Polished Brass (P), US10B (A) and plated finishes: Satin Nickel (SN), Polished Chrome (PC).

Code 19: Beautiful black iron of a rustic quality.

Code 26: Rusted Iron with excellent anti-corrosion properties. The quality of these finishes is generally regarded to be the very best.

Code 28: The black finish on these knobs and pulls is created by the carbon build up on the surface when they are heated at the forge. Some surfaces are then hammered to produce the texture of hand wrought iron. Then the pieces are waxed and rubbed, resulting in a dark iron surface with pewter highlights.

Code 31: French Cast Brass Fiche Hinges These hinges and escutcheons are sand cast and hand finished. This method and standard of manufacture ensures a fully authentic product that has no equal. The bowed face and bevelled edges set these authentic escutcheons apart from any mass produced item.
Can be matched with the locks begining with item #: 170.