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Our surgical scalpels have proven their value to thousands of our customers over the years. The blades are much sharper than any alternative you might be accustomed to using. The choice of handle is a matter of personal preference but most users eventually end up with all sizes. The smaller handle and blades are clearly suited to finer work while the larger can withstand more robust use. The straight blades are more useful for carving while the curved blades are better for cutting against a straight edge. All of them will put the sharpest imaginable point on a pencil.

The two smaller blades fit the 293SWH1. The other three handles all accept the larger blades.

Scalpels are remarkable useful woodworking tools, bringing a degree of accuracy and authority to all projects. Once you have scalpels in your house or workshop you will wonder how you lived without them. They are handy tools in kitchen use, office areas, art endeavors, crafts of all kinds etc.

8 products

8 products