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Desk Leather

blind tooling
Blind Tooling

Our desk leathers are sheep hide and 1mm thick. This firm leather provides an excellent writing surface. Sheep hides are obviously not going to be big enough for all desk surfaces, so the maker joins pieces as necessary. Their skill in this work ensures that the result is always appropriate. A blind tooling (shown right) is run along each join and, if you choose, around the entire panel at the extreme of the specified panel size. The leather will come to you with approximately 1/2" of excess on all sides. Any tooling you request will be placed according to the best judgment of the maker in relation to the overall size you specify. Orders for desk leathers are non-returnable unless we deviate from your order and can only be placed by email, fax, or mail.

To order these leathers you will need to email, fax, or mail us four pieces of information.

1.) Exact final size.

2.) Color code.

3.) Tooling code (if required).

4.) Would you like blind tooling around panel at final size? Yes or No.

Our email address, fax number, and mailing address can be found on our "Contact Page".

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The minimum order on desk leathers is $100.


Available Leather Colors


Dark Green





Navy Blue

Available Tooling Patterns

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1 products