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CAB handles in a variety of configurations

The C.A.B. handle was developed to provide the maximum number of adaptations possible from two simple elements without compromising aesthetics or utility. These parts can be assembled in any number of ways to become knobs, handles, or hooks and suit an infinite range of borings. The flavour is equal parts contemporary, oriental, informal, decorative or plain. The design allows for a low profile without shortchanging finger clearance.

The C.A.B. Handle was designed by Whitechapel founder Bob Dunstan and is sold exclusively by Whitechapel Ltd.

How CAB Handles Work

CAB handles can be configured many ways

A block is positioned anywhere along the bar, and secured with an allen keyed set screw from behind. The assembled handle is then fastened with a machine screw threaded into the block behind the set screw. Set screws and allen wrench are included with all CAB block orders.

CAB Blocks

We've created the CAB blocks in two distinct styles from which to choose: open and closed. Both styles function identically, their only difference being in form. Each is offered in two sizes to suit either a 3/8" or 1/2" diameter bar.
Typically, you would use one block and one bar to create a knob (or hook) and two blocks and one bar to create a handle -- but other possibilities exist as well.

CAB Bars

CAB bars come in two different diameters:
  • Small (3/8") diameter bars, available in lengths:
    1" | 1 1/2" | 2" | 2 1/2" | 3" | 3 1/2" | 4" | 4 1/2" | 5"
  • Large (1/2") diameter bars, available in lengths:
    2" | 4" | 6" | 8" | 10"
You can substitute 3/8" or 1/2" diameter bars of hardwood, acrylic or any suitable material.

CAB Finishes

CAB bars and blocks are available in 5 brass and plated brass finishes, plus black iron:
antiqued brass
Antiqued Brass
polished brass
Polished Brass
polished chrome
Polished Chrome
polished nickel
Polished Nickel
satin nickel
Satin Nickel
black iron
Black Iron***
***PLEASE NOTE: Black iron is available in open block style only.