New Polished Nickel Handles

We are adding several new handles to our line of Polished Nickel Handles. All will add an elegant and classical touch to a modern kitchen.

First are a set of Bakes fixed rear mounted handles which come in 3 sizes. They are English made are perfectly suited for kitchens; from large appliances to small cupboard drawers the Bakes handles offer a solid heft while maintaining a sleek elegant design.

Large Bakes Handle, Item #:69BB1PN

Medium Bakes Handle, Item #:69BB2PN

Small Bakes Handle, Item #:69BB4PN

Second are a set of Queslett bin pulls, a new range of sand-cast brass cupboard and drawer pulls are elegant in design and will add a classic touch to any modern kitchen. Also available in three sizes to suit a variety of applications.

Large Queslett Bin Pull, Item #:Q203PN

Medium Queslett Bin Pull, Item #:Q96PN

Small Queslett Bin Pull, Item #:Q40PN